Social Media Its About Adding Value

Facebook offers great potential for businesses and consumers to interact. Similar to a subscriber email service, people voluntarily choose to receive updates from your business, about your business.

With so much advertising all around us everywhere we go, why would we choose to receive social media updates from a company in the same space where we interact with our friends and whānau? We do it because they add value

There are plenty of very successful businesses with struggling social media pages. They treat Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the same way they do TV, radio or a newspaper. They plug them with ads for their product or service trying to increase sales. Social media doesn’t work like that.

If you want a thriving social media page for your business, where you can build a loyal, active following for your brand, you need to give the consumer a sense of value. Done right, people will use their own social media pages to amplify their word of mouth marketing to advertise your business for you.

Recently, The Frontrunner – a store that sells running shoes and football boots asked Manu Media to help with their latest social media marketing campaign. They didn’t have many Facebook likes, and they wanted to increase their online audience.

Manu Media worked with the team to plan Facebook updates and competitions for a two months. We showed people that The Frontrunner can help them with all their sporting shoe needs, that they have all the best brands and the latest trends.

We took professional, classy photos of the new shoes as they arrived in store and introduced people to current fashions. Every week we ran a competition, giving away products like footballs, supplements, and training gear. When people commented with their thoughts and opinions on our updates, Manu Media responded and engaged with people about the things they were interested in. No pushing products, no overt sales, no prices.

Working with Manu Media, The Frontrunner’s Facebook page saw a massive jump in likes, from 410 to 1117 in just eight weeks. People actively engaged with our posts, commenting on photos of the latest boots to arrive in store, and in-store customer enquiries went up as a result. People wanted to sign up to The Frontrunner’s Facebook page, not because they were actively trying to sell them shoes, but because they gave updates and sneak-peeks into the latest products and advise on all things sports and fitness related.

If you think your Facebook following could be bigger, and want to grow engagement with your business’ online audience, have a chat with the team at Manu Media.

We can help you manage your social media pages, and give you tips to help them run smoothly. Call Manu Media today on 0800 66 33 42

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