5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Home Page Video

Videos do amazing things for home pages of websites. Don’t take our word for it. A number of studies by different marketing agencies show that people are more likely to watch a video on the home page of your website, than scroll through and read all of the text. Studies also show that people who watch a video are more likely to remember your brand and your message than if they just read your content.

With that in mind, here are Manu Media’s top 5 reasons to have a video on your home page.

1. Time: 

People are busy. They’re looking for someone to solve a problem, and only want to know if you can help. If they can’t immediately see that you can fix what needs fixing, they’ll jump to another website. Make it easy for potential customers and save them searching through pages and pages on your website. Have a 90 second video tell them everything they need to know.

2. The correct message:

While skim reading pages to see if you’re the right company to help, people can misunderstand what you’re trying to tell them. This can lead people to believe you can’t solve their problem when you really can, which loses you business. Or they think you can solve their problem when you can’t, which wastes your time trying to fix the misunderstanding. Videos are proven to help people correctly remember your message and brand

3. Videos are fun: 

People love watching videos! After Google, YouTube is the most popular search engine on the internet. When making a video you can afford to be a little creative and show people what you do, rather than just tell them about it. People love seeing something new or different, a behind the scenes look at your business, or a sneak peak at a new product or service. Plus, videos can be a lot of fun to make as well as watch.

4. Higher Conversion Rate: 

Because people love watching videos, a web video on your home page will make potential clients stay longer. This has a number of benefits. The longer a potential customer stays on your website, the more likely they are to make contact with you or buy something. Also, Google likes websites that people like looking at. Google is more likely to rank your website above your competitors if people spend more time on your website watching videos.

5. Stand out from your competition:  

Online videos are becoming the fastest growing form of advertising, but there are still many businesses who aren’t using them. A video on the home page of your website will help set you apart from your competition. By not having a home page web video, you’re more likely to be losing business to those who do.

Check out our home page explainer video.

If you want a website that gives you an edge over your competition and actively drive sales, have a chat with Manu Media about a web video for your home page. Let’s catch up for coffee to see how we can help grow your business. Call us today on 0800 66 33 42.

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