Facebook… Its not free

Facebook’s home page proudly declares “Sign Up – It’s free and always will be.” If you only want a personal page to keep in touch with family, friends and surreptitiously see what other people who went to high school with you are doing now, then that statement is 100% correct. It’s a different story if you want to market your business on Facebook.

In truth, if you want a loyal following for your business or brand that drives sales and exposure, then Facebook isn’t free. It costs time and money to build a social media page that you can use to grow your business.

Even for the most popular and respected businesses, building your page and audience takes time. To have someone create your company profile with original pictures and interesting, value-adding content takes time. To have someone do that properly costs money.

Once your page is verified and established, you must build your audience. The best and most original content in the world will do you no good if nobody sees it. Paid advertisements are necessary to boost the number of people who see your posts.

Business pages on social media can be incredibly effective tools for targeting and communicating with your customers. People willingly input their personal details when they sign up to the site, allowing you to target consumers based on their age, location, gender, interests. Traditional forms of advertising like newspaper, radio, and TV don’t allow you to target potential customers with such accuracy. Nor do they allow you to measure the results of an advertising campaign as effectively.

Simply put, paid Facebook advertising is more than a necessity to lay the foundation for a solid audience. It’s an effective way of advertising, and communicating with potential customers that offers a fantastic ROI, both in terms of sales and customer loyalty.

At one point, even the most popular products and brands had no Facebook likes or followers. They still had to go through the process of creating a page, adding content their audience would find valuable, before boosting their posts through paid advertising to let people know they were online. McDonalds New Zealand’s Facebook page has over 56million Likes, yet they still boost some of their posts with paid Facebook advertising to boost their coverage.

Recently The Frontrunner – a sporting boot and shoe store, contacted Manu Media for our help with their online marketing campaign. Frontrunner staff were busy doing what they do best, helping people find the best shoes that fit, and their Facebook page was lagging as a result.

Working with Frontrunner management, Manu Media researched the Frontrunners audience to learn who we were targeting. With that in mind, we planned all of the posts for the course of the campaign, had stock donated by suppliers for competitions and giveaways, and boosted selected posts with paid Facebook advertising.


For the Frontrunner, Facebook wasn’t free. But they’re the first to say the ROI from sales and new, loyal followers was well worth the expense.

At Manu Media, we genuinely love helping businesses grow. If you want some help with a social media marketing campaign, or getting your account established properly, we’d love to have a coffee and chat about your needs. Call Manu Media on 0800 66 33 42.

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