5 Digital Marketing Tips

Lots of businesses use Facebook. They should. It’s a fantastic way to advertise products or services and engage with customers. But many businesses who use Facebook do not use it effectively or to its fullest potential. To help you get the most out of Facebook for your business, here are Manu Media’s top 5 digital marketing tips.

1. Know Your Audience

Who your audience is will determine which social media you should use, your language, style, content, how often, and the times you post.As a business owner, you should already know who your ideal customer is. To help you out, business pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ offer lots of stats so you can see the ages, genders, locations and interests of people following you on social media.

2. Original Content 

People will like or follow your social media page to get something they can’t get elsewhere. Pages that just repost what other people are doing aren’t very popular. Likewise, people aren’t likely to sign up if you only post advertisements. What can you offer your audience that’s special? An exclusive deal? A behind the scenes look at your business? A preview or sneak peek of new stock?

3. Posting Regularly 

Again, people want something when they follow your social media page. If weeks or months go by between your posts, you’re not giving your audience what they want. Planning ahead and having a strategy is key, so you’re not waking up each day and wondering what you should do. See Tip #1 for an idea of how regularly you should be posting.

4. Paid Advertising 

Before you’ve grown your following, it can be hard to get your content out in front of people. Most forms of social media advertising are very cost effective, as they allow you to target your ideal consumer. In signing up for most social media accounts, people have to give their age, gender, location, and an idea of what they’re interested in, making targeting easy. Pay-per-Click advertising through social media boosts your posts to make sure what you have to say gets heard.

5. Audience Engagement

Social media is a two way street. So once you’ve built a following, people will engage with you. They’ll comment on your page with good and bad reviews, post pictures of themselves using your product or service, and offer feedback on the content you’re posting. You’ll need to like and comment on their posts, respond to queries, and let them know they’ve been heard. If you don’t interact with them, and your audience feels they’re being ignored, they will complain and leave.

Follow Manu Media’s top 5 digital marketing tips for yourself to create a loyal following for your business.

Do you want more from your social media? Manu Media can help. Whether you want a tutorial to learn some of our expert tips and tricks, or perhaps you’d like us to manage your page for you so you’re free to run your business?

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