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10 Tips To Improve Your Online Video

June, 2015

Videos can be a valuable marketing asset, because they can really engage with people, effectively communicate your message, and be seen by lots of people on your website and multiple social media sites. Because videos are so popular, and people see so many each day, people will be judging your video each time they watch whether they’re aware of it or not. They’ll be comparing your video with others they’ve just seen, judging your content, presentation, production quality, style, and the overall message it contains. To get noticed, your content must be truly valuable, entertaining or tell people something new…

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5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Home Page Video

May, 2015

Videos do amazing things for home pages of websites. Don’t take our word for it. A number of studies by different marketing agencies show that people are more likely to watch a video on the home page of your website, than scroll through and read all of the text. Studies also show that people who watch a video are more likely to remember your brand and your message than if they just read your content. With that in mind, here are Manu Media’s top 5 reasons to have a video on your home page. 1. Time:  People are busy. They’re…

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Recruitment Videos

April, 2015

Find The Best New Employees For Your Business In 2014, job hunting website added a new video feature to their job listings. Seek realised that there can be a lot of competition finding the right candidate, and companies are always looking for ways to gain an edge. Videos are perfect for showing potential applicants your culture, atmosphere, work environment, or any other features which make your company a fantastic place to work. Using videos to encourage the best job applicants has proven so successful, TradeMe Jobs just added this feature 1 month ago. To be fair, recruitment videos are…

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Video production

Go Pro – Revolutionising Video Production

March, 2015

Too many companies say their product is “revolutionising the market,” but for GoPro cameras it’s quite literally true. American surfer Nick Woodman wanted a small waterproof camera he could use to take photos while surfing. Since 2002, GoPro has become the world’s leading compact, durable, HD digital video cameras, turning inventor Nick Woodman into a billionaire. GoPros are lightweight, versatile, and relatively cheap with a middle-of-the-range version priced around $400. But they deliver stunning HD videos, photos, and slow-motion footage. There are plenty of GoPro videos from motorbikes, skydiver’s helmets, fishing lines, kayaks, F1 racing cars and guitars. British teenager…

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Video Production

Manu Media Video Showreel 2015

February, 2015

Take a look at some of our recent video production work in our latest video show reel. At Manu Media we’ve been very busy over the last few months and this is a sneak peak at some of the campaigns we’ve been involved with. At Manu Media one of our hallmarks is our ability to capture pristine interviews, and you can see evidence of this throughout. The video has footage from The Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean, all gathered on assignment while exploring the great outdoors. Like what you see? If your business is undertaking a digital marketing campaign…

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5 tips for Using Online Video Marketing

January, 2015

Online video marketing was limited to big organizations, but now it’s pretty common and anyone without online videos is probably losing business. Successful companies need good marketing, as well as an excellent product to stand out from the crowd. Here’s some tips to get you started. #1 Be Prepared Know your target audience, what they want, and what you want to say to them. A clear message is easy to understand, and streamlines the video production process saving you time and money. Poorly planned videos are easy to spot and will lose you business. #2 Short and Sweet Video marketing…

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Top-Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Video Production Company

November, 2014

Video marketing is the fastest growing form of advertising. Fact. Done right, online videos will help you reach new audiences, customers, targets, or any marketing objective you want to achieve. A high-quality web-video isn’t easy to make, so here’s our top-ten reasons to hire a professional video production company. 1.We’ve got the equipment From lights, camera, all the action and everything in-between, Manu Media has the professional gear to ensure your audio and footage is captured in crystal-clear HD. Don’t trust your smartphones’ shaky footage and crackly sound, go with the equipment the pros are using. 2. You get a…

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Manu Media Video Marketing Process

October, 2014

Video marketing is becoming the most sought after way for businesses to advertise. Customers are more likely to watch a video than read a whole page, plus they’ll remember more of your message, increasing the chances of them buying your product or service. These days, anyone can make a video and post it to Youtube, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. What will a shaky, blurry, smartphone video with crackly sound say about your business? It’s important when posting a video to your website or social media that the video will add value to your brand, and…

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