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Grey Hospital Recruitment Video

June, 2015

  Many large organisations are using recruitment videos in order to find the best candidates and encourage them to come and work for their company. Manu Media recently filmed this recruitment video for the West Coast District Health Board. They want to show people the environment and benefits of working at Grey Hospital on the West Coast to encourage them to move. Have a look at our video and meet Rural Hospital Specialist Peter Kyriakoudis and General Manager for Grey and Westland Health Services Mark Newsome. See why they love the unique challenges and experiences that come with living and…

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Digital Marketing Christchurch

Manu Media Digital Marketing Video

March, 2015

Introduction videos are an easy and fun way to inform clients about what you do and how you do it. People can see you face-to-face and form a much better impression of the tone of your business, as well as the level of your professionalism. Like it or not, people will form impressions about how you do business based on the quality of what’s on your website. Videos are the perfect form for introductions, as studies have shown people are more likely to watch a video than read everything on your home page. Online videos also enhance the ability of…

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Video Production

Manu Media Video Showreel 2015

February, 2015

Take a look at some of our recent video production work in our latest video show reel. At Manu Media we’ve been very busy over the last few months and this is a sneak peak at some of the campaigns we’ve been involved with. At Manu Media one of our hallmarks is our ability to capture pristine interviews, and you can see evidence of this throughout. The video has footage from The Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean, all gathered on assignment while exploring the great outdoors. Like what you see? If your business is undertaking a digital marketing campaign…

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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials | Cohen’s NZ

January, 2015

Cohen’s Lifestyle Clinics are an international brand that helps clients lose weight and make lifestyle changes. When Cohen’s wanted to expand their digital marketing campaign, they knew that video testimonials from some of their clients, who quickly become advocates of the programme, would be a great way to get more people on board. The objective of this web video series was simple, discover what people love about Cohen’s and how great they feel about losing those extra pounds. Rachel lost 27 kilos on the programme and she was great in the video, explaining how her skin has cleared up, her…

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Video Production Christchurch

Video Production | Beaver Tree Service

December, 2014

  Beaver Tree Service is an award winning business based in Christchurch who specialise in all aspects of arbory. When they approached Manu Media about a web video featuring team members at work removing trees with a helicopter, we were intrigued, and happy to help. The objective of this web video was to showcase Beaver Tree Service executing a well-planned removal that was done efficiently and of course, safely. The team also had to factor in the use of the helicopter, to complete the job on budget the removal had to run smoothly and even though they removed more trees…

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video production christchurch

Video Marketing for Friday Fight Night

November, 2014

To help promote their event, Deacon and Vanessa from 1 More Round Boxing Fitness Centre called Manu Media, to see how web video marketing could create some buzz. Starring Nort Beauchamp and Bowyn Morgan, this black and white video, shot at night in the 1 More Round gym on St. Asaph Street, has an edgy look that fits the tone of the event. The slow motion sequences work really well with sports videos like this because they add drama. The end result is a video that is short sharp and engaging throughout, ready for uploading to the web. If you…

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Web Video |He Toki Industry Breakfast 2014

October, 2014

Manu Media was lucky enough to production a web video for the 2014 Christchurch He Toki annual breakfast. He Toki ki te Rika is the Māori trades training launched by Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, CPIT and industry partners.  One of the main partner is Hawkins construction. He Toki is all about training, supporting and giving employment opportunities for the local Maori in Christchurch. For more information please check out the He Toki ki te Rita and CPIT’s websites. If you think a  web video would help bring awareness to a event or initiative you are running and want to know more call…

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