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10 Tips To Improve Your Online Video

Videos can be a valuable marketing asset, because they can really engage with people, effectively communicate your message, and be seen by lots of people on your website and multiple social media sites. Because videos are so popular, and people see so many each day, people will be judging your video each time they watch whether they’re aware of it or not. They’ll be comparing your video with others they’ve just seen, judging your content, presentation, production quality, style, and the overall message it contains. To get noticed, your content must be truly valuable, entertaining or tell people something new…

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photographer Christchurch

Te Matatini Photography

Manu Media had the honour and privilege of being one of the official photographers for Te Matatini 2015 – The Olympic Games of kapa haka. Over 1800 performers from teams from across New Zealand and Australia came to Christchurch in March 2015 for this amazing four day competition and the Garden City really put on a show. The sunny weather stuck around for the whole festival, encouraging thousands upon thousands of spectators to pour into Christchurch’s Hagley Park to soak in the amazing talent. With so many people and so much happening, we had our work cut out, often putting…

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recruitment video

Grey Hospital Recruitment Video

  Many large organisations are using recruitment videos in order to find the best candidates and encourage them to come and work for their company. Manu Media recently filmed this recruitment video for the West Coast District Health Board. They want to show people the environment and benefits of working at Grey Hospital on the West Coast to encourage them to move. Have a look at our video and meet Rural Hospital Specialist Peter Kyriakoudis and General Manager for Grey and Westland Health Services Mark Newsome. See why they love the unique challenges and experiences that come with living and…

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facebook campaign

Social Media Its About Adding Value

Facebook offers great potential for businesses and consumers to interact. Similar to a subscriber email service, people voluntarily choose to receive updates from your business, about your business. Why? With so much advertising all around us everywhere we go, why would we choose to receive social media updates from a company in the same space where we interact with our friends and whānau? We do it because they add value There are plenty of very successful businesses with struggling social media pages. They treat Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the same way they do TV, radio or a newspaper. They plug…

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Facebook marketing Christchurch

5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Home Page Video

Videos do amazing things for home pages of websites. Don’t take our word for it. A number of studies by different marketing agencies show that people are more likely to watch a video on the home page of your website, than scroll through and read all of the text. Studies also show that people who watch a video are more likely to remember your brand and your message than if they just read your content. With that in mind, here are Manu Media’s top 5 reasons to have a video on your home page. 1. Time:  People are busy. They’re…

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Facebook marketing

Facebook… Its not free

Facebook’s home page proudly declares “Sign Up – It’s free and always will be.” If you only want a personal page to keep in touch with family, friends and surreptitiously see what other people who went to high school with you are doing now, then that statement is 100% correct. It’s a different story if you want to market your business on Facebook. In truth, if you want a loyal following for your business or brand that drives sales and exposure, then Facebook isn’t free. It costs time and money to build a social media page that you can use…

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Snapshots of the rebuild

  He Toki ki te mahi is a new apprenticeship training trust led by a consortium from the construction industry and an education provider. Manu Media were asked to cover the launch with commercial photography, because the event attracted a lot of dignitaries including Prime Minister – John Key. The objective of the shoot was to showcase the success of this joint venture and help provide digital marketing content for multiple social media avenues. This snapshot was taken while John Key was busy meeting and speaking with programme co-ordinators and participants.                  …

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Recruitment Videos

Find The Best New Employees For Your Business In 2014, job hunting website added a new video feature to their job listings. Seek realised that there can be a lot of competition finding the right candidate, and companies are always looking for ways to gain an edge. Videos are perfect for showing potential applicants your culture, atmosphere, work environment, or any other features which make your company a fantastic place to work. Using videos to encourage the best job applicants has proven so successful, TradeMe Jobs just added this feature 1 month ago. To be fair, recruitment videos are…

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5 Digital Marketing Tips

Lots of businesses use Facebook. They should. It’s a fantastic way to advertise products or services and engage with customers. But many businesses who use Facebook do not use it effectively or to its fullest potential. To help you get the most out of Facebook for your business, here are Manu Media’s top 5 digital marketing tips. 1. Know Your Audience Who your audience is will determine which social media you should use, your language, style, content, how often, and the times you post.As a business owner, you should already know who your ideal customer is. To help you out,…

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commercial photography

Sun Smart Videos

  Christchurch city is bouncing back from the devastating earthquakes and reinventing itself as a sun smart city, thats if the Cancer Society has anything to say about it. The Cancer Society has teamed up with Manu Media to create campaign videos to lobby local government to consider sun smart solutions as we rebuild. This photo was taken after an early morning video shoot at Lincoln Primary and has the stars of the video production and Amanda from the Cancer Society.              

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