10 Tips To Improve Your Online Video

Videos can be a valuable marketing asset, because they can really engage with people, effectively communicate your message, and be seen by lots of people on your website and multiple social media sites.
Because videos are so popular, and people see so many each day, people will be judging your video each time they watch whether they’re aware of it or not. They’ll be comparing your video with others they’ve just seen, judging your content, presentation, production quality, style, and the overall message it contains.
To get noticed, your content must be truly valuable, entertaining or tell people something new and interesting. To improve the production quality of your marketing videos and keep your audience watching to the very end, here are Manu Media’s 10 tips to instantly give it a nice little boost.

1. Be original. The idea or concept for your video project should be original and creative, something that really reflects you and your business. Don’t take the easy route and copy someone else’s idea.

2. Plan and prepare. Research and plan everything in great detail during the pre-production phase. Write a script, draw out a storyboard or create a template of what you want to see and hear. It’s much easier filming later if you know exactly what you need to tell your story.

3. Select the right talent. Set high standards when selecting the talent for your video, as they’re becoming the face of your company. Choose someone who’s going to represent and portray you well. They should come across natural and relaxed and not forced.

4. Carefully consider the set. You don’t have to film in a boring, plain, office. Be creative! You can film anywhere you can take the equipment. Manu Media have filmed from helicopters, with dolphins in the Pacific Ocean, and even on the top of Mt Cook.

5. Sound quality control. People are more willing to put up with blurry video than they are crackly sound. Poor quality audio can really let a video down. Use lapel mics when shooting interviews to help eliminate background noises.

6. Proper lighting. If your video is too light or too dark to see what’s happening, people won’t enjoy it. Try maximize your use of natural lighting, and use additional lights when needed.

7. Use a tripod. While holding the camera makes you look cool, shaky footage that makes your audience feel seasick isn’t. Use a tripod and make sure it’s level for steady, professional looking footage.

8. Focus. For crisp, clear footage always clean the lens before you film and make sure the camera is in focus. Check the focus after each scene. It means shooting a couple of scenes takes a bit longer, but it’s far less costly than having to redo a shot because of blurry footage.

9. B-roll. After getting all the footage you need, always get extra. Try shooting a scene from a different angle, or focus on stuff happening in the background. B-roll footage is vital for covering up your cuts and edits, and can also help tell the story.

10. Optimize video text. After you’ve finished and uploaded your video, use key words on your hosting sites like Vimeo and YouTube to help your video get found. It’s no good having the best looking video if people can’t find and watch it.

As you can see, a lot of planning, preparation, and equipment goes into making a high-quality video that people want to watch and share. We hope our tips help, but if you want a professional looking video without the hassle of shooting it yourself give Manu Media a call on 0800 66 33 42.


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